How these workouts changed the game.

Working out is something that I used to do to PUNISH myself. Seriously- my idea of working out was to burn off the calories i ate OR to punish myself for eating only junk OR to try and lose a ton of weight….before last summer I had such a negative mindset about fitness-it was HORRIBLE.  
I struggled with this negative mindset for well over 6 years!! And no matter how much I ran or did ab-workouts, I never seemed to get the body that I so badly wanted. 

I knew that there were more ways to get fit besides just running…but honestly I didn’t know how to properly plan a program for myself that included lifting or HIIT. Sure-i googled/pinterested a couple “lifting calendars” to try out…but i wouldn’t make it past the first day because i HATED going to the weights section of the gym. All the buff, cocky, douchebag guys…the smell of sweat and metal….the terrible music. Honestly, I hated all of it. So i just didn’t do it. I did purely cardio and counted down the minutes until i could leave the gym! 


BB has over 50 COMPLETE workout programs, paired with meal plans that you can do from HOME!!! THANK THE LORD. Not only that- but there is just about any type of workout you could ever need/want on there…..from lifting to hiit, swing dancing to yoga, booty workouts to pure cardio. There is seriously everything in there. And as soon as I pushed play on my first workout, I WAS HOOKED. Being able to roll out of bed and just push play, without driving to the gym, without “getting ready”, without hoping that there are machines open….took so much stress off me!!! PLUS-the workouts get you AHHH-MAZING RESULTS. Seriously after the first 21 day program that I finished, i was SHOCKED by my results. AND ADDICTED to the convenience and efficiency of working out at home.

Now i know a lot of you think you “love the gym” or “couldn’t find the motivation to workout at home” or think “home workout programs are too expensive” or yada yada. But i’m telling you-don’t knock it till you try it. You will save so much time (no driving/walking to the gym) and $$$$ by switching over to home workouts. It is incredible. 

As a BB coach- I also run something called “accountability groups” which are basically groups of ladies who motivate each other everyday!!! I hold our group on an app that BB created, and we all log our workouts/shakes/struggles/motivation/successes on there everyday!! Being able to chat with, become friends with and learn from the girls in that group is one of my favorite things about being a coach. And it absolutely warms my heart to see them gain their confidence and get results that they worked so hard for!! 

BB really fosters the idea of community, even though we aren’t able to see eachother in person everyday-which is so valuable to me. 

SOOO- if you are looking to spice up your workout-game. OR just learn a little bit more about it OR try the workouts for FREE. Send me a message girlfriend! 

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