First Month of Medical School

What is the first month of medical school like?
Well, as you know I am in a 3-year accelerated M.D. program so my first month of school looks a little bit different than the traditional program does. 

Our first month of medical school was CHILLAXED. The only courses that we had for July and the beginning of August were called “Foundations of Clinical Medicine” (FCM) and “Physicians in the Community”. 

FCM is a course that is designed to teach us the absolute basics of doing a standard “check-up” in the clinical setting. We learned how to take a full patient history….and ask all those great awkward questions about sex. We learned how to do a very basic physical exam….listen to heart/lung sounds….look into ears and noses, you know, the basics! This course ended by us all doing an OSCE exam. In an OSCE you have 15 minutes to do a full history and complete a physical exam….then write a SOAP note and come up with a differential diagnosis for the patient. Honestly, this course was a lot more about getting us comfortable with patient interactions than about teaching us clinical diagnosis. 
But it was a perfect way to ease into the “med school life”.

Next, the Pathways course was all about teaching us different areas of healthcare that we usually don’t talk about… law, malpractice, how physicians get paid, about different public health departments in the area, medical ethics….and gave us the foundation for the research project that we each need to complete over the next year! 

I’m not sure how your medical school runs their first month but this first month at MCW-GB was an incredible way to start med school because we were able to ease into it, rather than get thrown in the deep end right away! It also gave us plenty of time to bond as a class…which I totally loved!

Basic science courses started yesterday.  
So the relaxed lifestyle that I was so much enjoying has come to an end, here’s to long nights at the library!! 

Can’t wait to see how much more I learn over the next few months!! 

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