How I got started with Beachbody

Let me just start by saying…I WAS A BEACHBODY/MLM (multi-level marketing) HATER FOR YEARS!!!
I mean YEARS.. I would get the random “salesy” messages on instagram or facebook claiming that a shake helped people lose weight….and that if i signed up right now i would qualify for yada yada….IT WAS ALL THE SAME. BUT–then i began to follow my current upline coach, who was from the small town in Wisconsin that I am from. And I followed her journey on social media for years…she would post about the success she had with her coaching business and the personal growth and strength that she had attained through coaching…
It was super appealing, but i always figured that there was a “catch” or that it was too good to be true. 

So while continuing on with my own life& fitness routine, Beachbody coaching was ALWAYS in the back of my mind. Every day i would religiously watch other coaches’ stories and read their posts, just imagining what it would be like if i actually started doing this. 

Years went on…and I continued to struggle with my weight. I had always been an active person…but i ONLY did cardio. And i would eat/drink wayyyy more calories that i had burned during my 30 minute treadmill sesh everyday! So naturally-i started to put on some weight. I tried every friggin solution out there to get the weight off…keto, weight loss tea, intermittent fasting, juice cleanses, YOU NAME IT. And none of them worked.

SOOOO after 5 years of watching other coaches get fit, reach financial freedom and make BEST friends….I hopped on the bandwagon and signed up to coach. I had NO idea what i was going, I was terrified of being judged by people (especially the gossipy girls that i went to high school with). But i knew what was possible with this business…so i just said F IT and went all in. 

It has been almost 2 years since I made that decision and I can honestly say that it has been the best decision that I ever made. It has allowed me to earn a SIGNIFICANT side income, meet amazing friends, get in the best shape of my life and learn to LOVE MYSELF.

Forever grateful for coaching and the pure happiness it has brought to my life.

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