My WHY for medical school

What is your BIGGEST dream for your life? What is the one thing that you think about or fantasize about every. single. day.? What are your birthday-candle wishes? What is that one goal that you are working to achieve, that trumps all others? 
My answer to all of these questions has been the same since I was 10 years old …I want to be a doctor. 

I don’t know exactly what it was that planted this seed in my imagination…maybe it was hearing my dad talk about all his experiences as a nurse…maybe it was the Bill Nye the Science Guy episode where he had a physician talk about germs…maybe it was our field trip to the hospital…I really can’t pin-point to a single incident. All I know is that once that seed was planted, it has been continually blooming in my life. 
My “becoming a doctor” fantasies slowly transitioned into a reality when my grandmother was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of brain cancer. I was only in 7th grade when she was facing her battle with cancer and my parents didn’t feel I was old enough to know the details …so all they told me was that “grandma was very sick”… But I was an annoying little kid who wanted to know the details about everything, so that didn’t cut it for me. I began eavesdropping on conversations until I figured out what her actual disease was called. Then I sat down at our desktop computer and typed “Glioblastoma Multiforme” into google (big mistake, I don’t recommend looking up any medical conditions on google, unless you wanted to be freaked out)  I looked from site to site…reading about different tumor progressions, prognosis, treatment options…i didn’t understand most of the information, but I remember being absolutely fantasized with the different pictures of tumor cells, and I just wanted to absorb as much of the information as I could. 
After my grandmother passed, I knew that I had to become a doctor. It wasn’t just a fantasy anymore. I had to become a doctor to try to help other families who were going through the heartbreak that my family was going through. 
As the years passed, my passion for medicine continued to grow & grow & grow. I would check the medicine tab on ScienceDaily every morning, and diving into PubMed was one of my favorite ways to pass time. (Yes, I’m a nerd… I know)
If you are a pre-med…you know how stressful the process of getting into medical can be. It is NOT an easy path, whatsoever. You have to sacrifice a lot …while everyone’s out getting drunk 4 days a week, you are putting in hours at the library. While your friends are out in the world getting “adult jobs” you are studying for the MCAT or filling out secondary applications. While your family is on vacation, you are spending hours volunteering at the hospital or pipetting solutions into Petri dishes in a research lab. 
But the sacrifice is so worth it. 

So why medical school? Because I love taking care of people. That’s what it comes down to… I love taking care of people when they are going through stressful or traumatic situations. I love taking care of people who are too sick to take care of themselves. I love knowing that I will have the skills necessary to save lives. This is what I was meant to do & I am so honored that I am finally able to begin my medical education. 

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