Why I love network marketing in Medical School

Medical school is stressful. The classes are insanely difficult. The clinicals are extensive. The amount of time you have to dedicate to your education is INSANE compared to other professional programs. And it is EXPENSIVE.
Not only is it expensive to attend school….but everything else in life is expensive too. And even though 99.9% of people don’t hold jobs while in medical school…you still have to PAY for basic life essentials (rent, car payments, groceries). How do most students pay for this?
Something that frustrates me about how the student loan process works is that you can only take out the standard amount of loans.
 Need more $ to cover unexpected bills? Sorry.
Had to move far away to attend medical school and now you have 2 rents to pay? Sorry.
Got in a fender bender and have unexpected bills? Sorry.
Have to take your dog to the vet for an emergency? Sorry.
You can’t take out any extra $$$ to cover any of that stuff. Which means, not only is the academic side of medical school stressful…but so is the financial side of it.
Which is why I think network marketing is the absolutely PERFECT job to have while being a busy student!
I get to pick my own hours (usually I do about an hour of coach work in the morning and at night)….I work from my phone (aka I can work from anywhere)….and it allows me to connect with other medical professionals on social media!
I’m not saying that network marketing is for every medical student out there…all I know is that it has been an absolute LIFE-SAVER for me during my first year of medical school.
I work in network marketing through a health&wellness company, Beachbody..
I particularly LOVE the company that I work for because not only does it help me earn more $$$ while in medical school…but it helps keep me in shape AND it allows me to show people that EVEN IN MEDICAL SCHOOL YOU HAVE TIME TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN HEALTH.
So how did my coaching business save my life during my M1 year?
I got into medical school very late in the cycle…right after Josh and I resigned our apartment lease in Milwaukee…we tried, but couldn’t get out of our lease!
Which means, I had to move to a new city…find a new apartment…and pay 2 rents and 2 utilities for this entire year. Not to mention the gas $ I spend to be able to see my fiancé on the weekends.
Like I stated above, I was not able to take out any more loan money to help cover this DOUBLE rent/utilities….AND I ran out of loan money before the end of the semester.
LUCKILY-when I began coaching in my gap year..i started a “coaching savings account” to deposit my paychecks and bonuses in. So this year when I ran out of loan money–I had my coaching savings account to fall back on! The money that I saved up in there is what I will be living off of for the next couple months and I couldn’t be more thankful. It really is true that everything happens for a reason. I firmly believe that coaching came into my life for a reason. Not only to help me fund my medical education…but to show women that you don’t have to lose yourself to your career. Yes, I am a medical student. But I am not ONLY a medical student..I am a fiancé, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a health & wellness coach and a mentor.
I continue to work my coaching business while being a full-time medical student because it gives me financial freedom, it keeps me in shape and it allows me to help other women get their confidence back!  If you think that coaching might be the solution for you. Please reach out. I absolutely LOVE talking about it and how it has changed my life.

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