Lessons from Coronavirus

The term, “social-distancing”  was foreign to us all 3 weeks ago and NOW it is something that we all are forced to practice daily. No stores are open. No restaurants are open. No schools are open. No public buildings are open. No gatherings can occur. Everything is closed. Everyone must stay home. It is honestly something that I never thought could happen. 

I cannot even believe how much life has changed in the past 14 days. But I have taken away some major lessons from “social-distancing” thus far. 

1. I’ve rediscovered what is truly important. I will never take for granted a hug, or a date night or having the option to see my family members. With every restaurant, bar, theater and store nearly closed….we are forced to stay inside our apartment that feels smaller & smaller by the day. Although it has been extremely difficult to go from a social butterfly to a hermit in a matter of days…I have rediscovered my love for reading. I have taken more time to cook homemade meals. And we have spent countless nights playing card games, doing puzzles and enjoying life technology-free. The quality time with Josh and my family has been priceless.

2. I have learned to “let it be.” You guys all know that Josh and I have anxiously been awaiting our wedding day that is supposed to take place May 30,2020. And although it is still a couple months out, we have had to cope with the fact that we may have to cancel our special day and postpone it to a later date. And as much as it breaks my heart to wait any longer to marry the man of my dreams. I have learned to accept that i have no control over this virus and I have to do what is in the best interest in our health and the health of our loved ones. 

3. The media is fueled by panic and the nation’s gullibility. Now, I’m not saying that the news stations are evil or ill-informed. BUT, they are  businesses….that need profit. And by broadcasting the tragic news of this virus, and putting panic into the viewers, they are making big bucks. The more terrifying their news coverage, the more attention they receive and the more $ they earn. I hate the news. I can’t stand watching it. I 100% believe in being an informed citizen, but streaming Foxnews 24/7 isn’t the way to do it, especially when it comes to a medical issue. Read information from the CDC or WHO. 

4. The world is a good place. This virus is horrible. Having to shut down the world is awful. BUT, if there is any positive to take away from this time… it is how amazingly our world has come together, and worked together to beat this virus. 

5. Be optimistic. Panic breeds panic. Fear breeds fear. And HOPE BREEDS HOPE. Having an optimistic attitude will go a long way. 

6. Your health is about more than just how you look. I talk about health and fitness all the time because it IS SO IMPORTANT. Taking care of your health, eating healthy nutritious meals, getting daily movement and exercise in is SO IMPORTANT now and for your future. It is no surprise that COVID-19 is more dangerous for people with other chronic conditions (Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes). And guess what the solution is to prevent, reverse and delay the onset of these chronic conditions? EXERCISE AND HEALTHY EATING. As an adult, taking care of your health is YOUR responsibility, nobody else’s. If you treat your body like crap, you are making yourself more susceptible to illnesses. It’s as simple as that. 

I miss how things used to be. I miss being able to see my friends and classmates. I miss walking around and shopping downtown. I miss date nights. I miss knowing that our wedding was “X  # of days away”. I miss a lot about how life was before everything got shut down. 

But we have to come together. We have to practice social-distancing, follow quarantine guidelines, stop leisure travel and beat this dang virus. 

I would love to hear what lessons you have learned from COVID-19 thus far.

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