Hi friends and Happy Sunday. 

I hope you are curled up on the couch, with a hot cup of coffee enjoying the afternoon sunshine. That’s what i’m doing and it feels amazing. 

Here’s a recap of our past week::: 

Monday and Tuesday were all things MED SCHOOL. Josh and I both had lots of lectures, meetings and studying to do..super uneventful. We still went on our 2 daily walks…sadly the weather was kind of crappy early on in the week. 

ALSO, Monday was National Doctors Day! And even though we aren’t doctors yet…it was such a good reminder of WHY we want to go into this amazingly difficult field. I am so passionate about medicine & how it impacts the world and it was extremely fitting that Doctor day took place in the midst of this pandemic. 

Tuesday night for dinner we made Omaha Steaks filets. They were freaking AMAZING. If you need to buy a gift for a guy in your life, an Omaha Steaks sampler box is the way to go. SUPER YUMMY, HIGH QUALITY FOOD. 

Thursday & Friday were MOVING DAY FOR US. Those of you that have been following along with our lives for the past year or so know that I got accepted to Medical school LATE in the cycle….I actually got accepted the day that Josh and I were moving into our new apartment! SOOO….I had to move to a new city, get a new roommate and do long-distance for most of our engagement. We are so excited to finally have OUR home together. Even though our commute is going to be lengthy….it will be worth it. It’s so hard to live apart from your significant other, ESPECIALLY if you lived with them previously. 

Here was our “treat” of a dinner on Thursday….CULVER’S IS THE BEST. 

Even though we love our new apartment and are still getting settled in…moving is a pain in the butt. I love Josh with all of my heart…but I was about ready to punch him by the end of the day Thursday. Want to test your relationship? Spend 2 days carrying heavy furniture, and moving out of two apartments. I was so crabby, so sore and so OVER moving. But it’s all okay now! 🙂

Yesterday was technically our first day in the apartment where we didn’t have anything to do. So we UNPACKED, organized, decorated and I baked a delish banana bread using our NEW KitchenAid. I had been wanting one for a LONG time and was so anxious to use it!!

Here is a little pick of the Greek Yogurt Banana Bread, it turned out delicious. I got the recipe from LovelyLittleKitchen https://lovelylittlekitchen.com/greek-yogurt-banana-bread/!

I hope you had a beautiful weekend enjoying the sunshine!



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