How to have a productive day, @home.

The timing of this COVID-19 craziness was not convenient for anyone, but tbh i’m not sure there ever would have been a convenient time for the world to shut down…

If you’re like me, you have found yourself stuck inside, stuck at home, with a CRAP TON of work to do. Maybe you have this whole “work from home” thing under control…but let me tell you, I was a hot mess when this stuff started and I am finally starting to get in my groove. FINALLY. Here are the best tips that I have formulated to make a work-day @ home positive & productive!!

  1. Write out a schedule the night before. I’m serious, take a few minutes in the evening to write down your thoughts and to-do list for the next day. Waking up in the morning without a plan for the day is setting yourself up for failure. Write out all the things you need to get done, write out what times you will be working…what times you will take breaks. Be very specific!! 
  1. Get up early. There is something so peaceful about sipping that cup of coffee, knowing the rest of the world is probably still sleeping. Get up early, get to work early and make the most of those early hours. Idk about you, but i love feeling PRODUCTIVE in the morning. That way, when the afternoon slump rolls around you have already gotten all the essentials done for the day. 
  1. Meal prep. We are all eating at home, so you don’t necessarily have to prep your meals for the day…BUT STILL DO IT. Stick with your normal routine (as much as you can). It will help prevent you from constant snacking and staring in the fridge looking for a snack when you aren’t even hungry. 
  1. Move your body. Working from home has its perks…but you may find yourself sitting on the couch or at your desk for hours on end. Get AT LEAST 30 minutes of exercise everyday. Go on walks. Get some fresh air. Do some pushups. So many @ home workout sites are offering free trials right now, TRY THEM!!! Don’t be a couch potato, literally. 
  1. Have set work hours. When you work from home it’s hard to separate work life from home-life. Have set work hours and STICK TO THEM. Don’t keep your phone/work computer next to you at night when you are with the fam. After you finish your work for the day….TURN YOUR PHONE OFF, SHUT YOUR COMPUTER DOWN and fully enjoy the rest of your evening/night. This will REALLY help you stay sane and not feel like you are always “on the clock”. 

I know that this isn’t easy for anyone. But take advantage of all the family time & relaxation that you have now that you are staying home. Read some books, take a bubble bath, go on afternoon walks, have an @home spa day…Just make the most of this situation because i promise that it won’t be like this forever. 



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