Healthy Eating Tips (that actually work)

Happy Wednesday loves! 

Let’s talk FOOD and how to have a HEALTHY, BALANCED diet…especially when life gets cray- cray. 

Eating healthy seems so simple….until you are STARVING and raiding the cabinets for junk food. Trust me, I get it. And my diet is FAR from perfect. But one thing I do know is that eating a healthy balanced diet makes me FEEL GOOD. It makes me feel strong and energized and healthy….the way no bag of doritos has ever made me feel. 

Y’all know that I love giving you tangible tips to tackle problems….so here are my tips to tackle your unhealthy diet. They are so simple, but incredibly effective. 

Tip #1: PLAN PLAN PLAN. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. It’s as simple as that. Now i’m not saying that you have to have all your fancy meals prepared ALL DAY ERRYDAY… I mean if that’s your style, then go for it….but it’s totally not mine. My form of “planning ahead” involves making big batches of roasted veggies, rice and chicken (or any other protein) so it’s ready to go! I always have fresh, clean & cut fruit & veggies ready to grab in my fridge. So when I get hungry, I can grab that! It is all about making healthy food just as convenient as the junk food. 

Tip #2: ALWAYS have healthy snacks on you. I literally never leave the house without a BeachBar…or bag of almonds..or an apple. Because when I get hungry, I get crabby and I crave McDonald’s fries. Anyone else? 

Tip #3: “Dinner & DONE”. Once you eat dinner. That’s it. Be done for the night. Your body doesn’t need any more food. However, if you like late night snacking…try swapping that bag of chips for a mug of chamomile tea or  a piece of fruit. I used to be someone who ate ice cream EVERY NIGHT after dinner. So when I began to clean up my diet, I realized this habit had to go. I traded my ice cream for a mug of Sleepytime Tea and at first it was HARD… REALLY HARD. But slowly my body ( and mind) got used to it. My night time “ice cream routine” wasn’t because my body needed the extra calories, it was just a habit. & HABITS CAN BE BROKEN. Think about your eating patterns throughout the day…are you eating because you’re hungry, or because it’s a habit?

Tip #4: Eat veggies whenever you can. Not only are vegetables low in calories…but they are FULL of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other phytonutrients. They will help you stay FULL and keep you regular.  

Tip #5: Drink water. STOP DRINKING SODA. Soda is FULL of chemicals and sugar. If plain water is too boring for you…add some fruit, a lemon slice or drink La Croix (the coconut flavor is my favorite).

Tip #6: Portions matter. You definitely can overeat on healthy food too. The most common foods that I see people overeat are—> cereals, granolas, nut butters, oils and nuts! Make sure that you aren’t over-indulging in your healthy food. Eat slow..truly taste and enjoy your food. & Allow your body time to feel full! 

Tip #7: You don’t have to do it all at once. Going from a crappy diet to 100% clean is a recipe for disaster…it isn’t sustainable and you will fall off track. Instead, slowly adapt your health habits. Trade a bag of chips for a bowl of fruit…swap your hamburger for a chicken salad…swap your soda for a bottle of water. Slowly, a healthy diet will become second nature to you because you will FEEL so much better!!!

Well that’s all I’ve got. I hope these little tips give you the inspo you need to adapt your diet to a more healthful one!!! 



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