My where and why

My name is Josh McCullough and I am currently starting my 4th year of medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee WI. For the last couple years I have contemplated sharing my journey and experiences and have always been on the fence. I have been an average medical student, and worried that I didn’t have enough advice to share to truly help other aspiring doctors, but with some encouragement from my amazing fiance I finally took the leap.

I am currently stepping into a completely new stage of medical school. I recently completed my step 2 ck examination, meaning I am through the examination heavy aspect of medical school, and I am fully engulfed in all that the residency application experience has to offer. I am applying to diagnostic radiology residency programs, which also means I am applying to preliminary internal medicine programs for my intern year. The current stress is very different than it has been the 3 previous years, but the stress that goes along with medical school is never-the-less there.

I am from a small town in Wisconsin and completed my bachelors of science in athletic training at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Following graduation I spent a year working as an athletic training intern with the Green Bay Packers. It was during this year that I realized I wanted to go back to school to become a doctor to allow me to work in a capacity that would help a larger segment of the population than I was able to perform during my time as an athletic trainer. I returned to UW-Madison to finish some pre-requisites for medical school (o-chem and biochem, not my favorite) and while I was there worked as a graduate assistant athletic trainer while obtaining my masters of science in exercise science. During my second UW-Madison experience I was blessed to meet my amazing fiance who was working as an office assistant in the athletic department. She is now a 2nd year medical student at the Medical College of Wisconsin regional campus (accelerated 3 year program) in Green Bay Wisconsin. Navigating medical school as a couple in different cities has been an adventure, but this adventure has made our relationship stronger and stronger.

I hope to use this space to share my story and experiences in medical school, and how I have maintained a healthy life outside of medical school. I will share what worked well, what I wish I would have done differently, and hopefully answer any other questions my readers have for me. Thank you for visiting my page and joining me on my journey.

Wherever you are in your journey, keep working for those dreams, and please share your experiences and questions with us all! – Josh

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