Happy January

Happy January.

AND HOLY COW. I cannot believe how long it has been since I made a post on here. The fall semester was INSANE for me, especially with adapting to 100% online schooling.

For those of you who are interested in the structure of medical classes—at my medical school our M2 year consists of “blocks” where we only take one course at a time and each course focuses on a body system. This fall we learned about skin/musculoskeletal, cardiology, renal, respiratory and heme/lymph.

I absolutely love only having one class to study for (in contrast to our M1 year where we had 4 classes)! HOWEVER, having one class every day for 4 hours means that the pace is SUPER FAST. On average we have an exam every 14 days!!!

On top of the courses we are taking—the ever-looming STEP 1 EXAM is right around the corner. I have officially scheduled my exam date for May 17,2021…. which is equally terrifying and exciting!!!

Most of my classmates are taking this exam a little bit later in the month—but Josh graduates on May 21st and our wedding is May 29th—so I didn’t have many other options!

Since most of our classes were online for the fall, I was extremely blessed to be able to go visit my parents for 6 weeks over the holidays!!!

6 weeks in Hawaii was INCREDIBLE. I am thinking of doing another post about some of the adventures that we went on out there—but I’ll save that for another day!!

I hope that you are doing well, staying SAFE and HEALTHY and making the most of your days!!



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