Dealing with overwhelm

To say that M2 year is overwhelming is the biggest understatement of this year. Holy moly. 

M2 year is a freaking beast—specifically M2 SPRING semester!!!!!!

Studying for class….studying for boards….studying for our 2nd NBME shelf exam….planning a wedding (okay, not everyone gets married at the end of M2 year—but Josh & I are–so i’ve got that on my plate too)…staying healthy… & keeping your sanity. Holy moly is right. 

I would be totally lying if i said that i had all my sh*t together and was handling everything perfectly…because that is SO NOT THE CASE. 

I have been learning to take each day as exactly that—a new day. 

Having so many stressful exams and things ahead can lead to absolute overwhelm and dread….but i’m here to tell you that it is GOING TO BE OKAY AND YOU WILL 100% GET THROUGH THIS. 

I know that a few years down the road i will look back at this blog post and be so proud that i didn’t throw the towel in!!!! 

Med school really is a marathon…not a sprint. It takes determination, endurance and so so so so much patience. 

Sometimes i truly wonder why i wanted to even go to med school in the first place—especially as I watch people my age get jobs, settle down & have babies! Meanwhile, i’m 10 hours into my study day, in the same sweats that I wore yesterday (and the day before), studying the most minute details about physiology and immunology—wondering how different my life would be had I picked a “normal” career. 

But at the end of the day, being a physician is my dream…and i’m in the midst of the marathon it takes to put those two letters behind my name. (MD) 

So here are some of the things that I have been doing in order to keep myself sane. 

  1. EXERCISE-alright this may seem like a boring one because everyone always tells us to exercise and take care of our own health..but it’s constantly preached because it is FRIGGIN SO IMPORTANT. Exercise is important–not only for the calorie burn, muscle strength, endorphin release and MOVEMENT but also because it helps with your mental health!!!!! That’s why i make it a non-negotiable in my day ot exercise for at least 30 minutes—regardless of how much i have going on. Regardless of how much studying i have to do. I get my damn workout in. And i encourage you to practice the same discipline that i do. You don’t have to be motivated everyday—but you do have to be disciplined enough to say “even though i don’t wanna do this right now. I am going to get my exercise in.” 
  1. EAT HEALTHY. This is another gimme because it is so key. Don’t get me wrong–there are plenty of nights when i order pizza and drink (probably too much) chardonnay. BUT that is few and far-between. You need to make sure that you are eating healthy, whole foods, MOST OF THE TIME. Fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean proteins. 
  2. DO PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Trust me, i don’t wake up every morning with sunshine and rainbows dancing across my head. Most days i wake up already overwhelmed or anxious about the day ahead. So that’s why i do personal development/mindset development FIRST THING when i get up (okay first i grab my coffee—and then I do my mindset work)!!!!!! Personal development is something that gets a bad rep because most people think of it as a woo-woo, kooky thing that you only need to do if you’re going through a midlife crisis or something crazy like that. But that is just not true. Personal development is PERSONAL—which means you take an aspect of your life that you are struggling with and pick a book or podcast to target that insecurity. Learning more knowledge and building up confidence in your life one aspect at a time. My personal development trends change almost every time i finish a book….sometimes i want to learn about how to be more confident, or stop worrying about things…sometimes i dive into all things business mindset (because i also run an online health coaching biz THAT I AM FREAKING OBSESSED WITH AND I’M CURRENTLY GROWING IT INTO A 6-FIGURE BIZ!!!!)…sometimes i want to learn about how to be a better fiance….sometimes i want to learn how to just chill the f*ck out. So I encourage you to do personal development EVERYDAY. Pick an aspect of your life that you want to improve and buy a book about it, or listen to a podcast about it! 

5. Take time 100% AWAY FROM WORK. Having school 100% online and running an online business  makes this so difficult because I always have access to technology…so i always feel like i could be studying, or doing qbanks, or responding to messages. It is a slippery slope with all this technology stuff….but that’s why it is so important to have CLEAR boundaries about when you are going to be on your computer/phone/tablet and when you are going to be OFF of them. And I don’t mean off but with the sound on so when someone emails you or texts you you instantly pick up the damn phone again…I MEAN 100% OFF/silent/muted! 

Have CLEAR and SET boundaries—i promise it will help prevent burn out!!!

6. Do something that makes you happy everyday, yes EVERYDAY. It may be something as simple as going out for a latte…..or doing a lap around your nearest Ulta or TjMaxx..or getting a good workout in…or watching your favorite move…just pick something fun to do everyday so that you have something to look forward to!!!! 

It really helps break up the work week when you have fun everyday!!

Alright yall–that’s all i’ve got! 

These are my best ways to combat overwhelm (especially while working from home!!!!) 



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