Pediatrics rotation

Happy (almost) July, 

To say this past semester has been difficult is a MAJOR understatement. I officially took my Step1 exam on May 17 and I STILL haven’t gotten my score back….(It has been a month and a half). But it’s fine. I’m fine. It’s all fine….JK I am absolutely terrified to get that score in my email. But let’s not talk about that right now!!!!

Not only did I take USMLE Step1 last month BUT—Josh graduated medical school AND we got married!!!!!! WOOHOO. After delaying the wedding for a year thanks to COVID it was AMAZING to finally be able to marry my best friend and the love of my life!!!!

But that isn’t what this post is about either—–In the spring of this semester I also wrapped up my pediatrics rotation and took MY FIRST NBME shelf exam. 

So in this blog I want to dive into all things pediatrics. 

First off, I LOVED pediatrics. I loved it so much that I officially decided that it is the specialty I want to go into!! I loved going to the hospital, nursery and clinic to take care of newborns and do check-ups with the kiddos. So much fun!! As a pediatrician you get to take care of newborns all the way up to 18 year-olds (and some college-age kids that keep their pediatrician until college is over, which is totally alright by my book because young adult health is something i’m passionate about too!) I personally liked pediatrics more than family medicine because in peds you don’t have to do any chronic disease management.

Pediatrics is also a very diverse specialty because you can specialize in basically anything that you could with adult medicine. (emergency, cardiology, nephrology, endocrine, pulmonology, oncology)….so i love that aspect of it too because I love knowing if i want more training in a particular field I am able to do that. 

What i LOVED about pediatrics: 

  1. No dealing with polypharmacy and chronic disease!!! 
  2. For the most part, patients are healthy!! 
  3. Attending high-risk deliveries 
  4. Clinic hours were 8-4—not bad at all! 
  5. The variety of specialties available for further training

What i DIDN’T love about pediatrics: 

  1. Dealing with child neglect/abuse
  2. When serious diseases/ malignancies come up it is extremely devastating 
  3. Some parents can be very difficult 

Shelf exam: 

This was the first NBME exam that I took and I’m not going to lie—it was HARD. 

In order to prepare for the exam I used UWorld for Step2 and Amboss—I completed both Qbanks (because i feel like question banks are the best way to learn) he exam was still pretty tough for me. But I ended up doing well on it, so I can’t complain!!! I have heard that the peds shelf is tough for most people, so if you have a tough time with it–that’s totally normal! 

Online Med Ed videos were super helpful as well!! 

I know this was a super short post, so if you have any more questions about my peds rotation—Send me an email, or find me on instagram and shoot me a message!!!



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