Dealing with overwhelm

To say that M2 year is overwhelming is the biggest understatement of this year. Holy moly.  M2 year is a freaking beast—specifically M2 SPRING semester!!!!!! Studying for class….studying for boards….studying for our 2nd NBME shelf exam….planning a wedding (okay, not everyone gets married at the end of M2 year—but Josh & I are–so i’ve gotContinue reading “Dealing with overwhelm”

Step 1 Prep (January schedule)

Hello and happy Sunday!  If you are in medical school (or planning to be) then you probably have heard of something called “Step1” before.  Step1 is the first of three board exams that students need to take in order to become a licensed physician in the US.  Typically medical students take Step1 at the endContinue reading “Step 1 Prep (January schedule)”

How to prepare for M1 year

As an enthusiastic pre-med, I had one thing on my mind…GETTING INTO MEDICAL SCHOOL. I never really looked past that. Tbh, that is all I thought about and all I fantasized out…opening up that big white envelope that starts with. “Dear Rebecca, We are pleased to accept you into ______ MD program…” But then itContinue reading “How to prepare for M1 year”

My go-to “Medical Clothing” (& a discount for you!)

This one is for you nurses, pre-meds, PA’s, techs, CNA’s or ANYone in the medical field– If you watch my instagram stories at all, then you know that i’m OBSESSED with my friend Olivia’s clothing shop MedByLiv. She creates the most incredible, soft, and stylish t-shirts/sweatshirts and stickers to represent your inspiring career choice. IContinue reading “My go-to “Medical Clothing” (& a discount for you!)”