Healthy Eating Tips (that actually work)

Happy Wednesday loves!  Let’s talk FOOD and how to have a HEALTHY, BALANCED diet…especially when life gets cray- cray.  Eating healthy seems so simple….until you are STARVING and raiding the cabinets for junk food. Trust me, I get it. And my diet is FAR from perfect. But one thing I do know is that eatingContinue reading “Healthy Eating Tips (that actually work)”

How to have a productive day, @home.

The timing of this COVID-19 craziness was not convenient for anyone, but tbh i’m not sure there ever would have been a convenient time for the world to shut down… If you’re like me, you have found yourself stuck inside, stuck at home, with a CRAP TON of work to do. Maybe you have thisContinue reading “How to have a productive day, @home.”

Lessons from Coronavirus

The term, “social-distancing”  was foreign to us all 3 weeks ago and NOW it is something that we all are forced to practice daily. No stores are open. No restaurants are open. No schools are open. No public buildings are open. No gatherings can occur. Everything is closed. Everyone must stay home. It is honestlyContinue reading “Lessons from Coronavirus”

How to make a relationship work… (when you both are in med school)

How to make a relationship work: (WHEN BOTH OF YOU ARE IN MEDICAL SCHOOL): In the tradition of the month of love. I wanted to share a little relationship advice. With both of us being full-time medical students, Josh and I have learned a LOT about what it takes to make a relationship work &Continue reading “How to make a relationship work… (when you both are in med school)”

Wedding Planning on a Medical Student Budget

Planning a Wedding on a Medical Student Budget. Medical school is expensive. Like, crazy expensive. And if you’re like Josh and I you will rely on financial aid to get you through these treacherous years of becoming a doctor. So when Josh and I got engaged last summer and began to dive into the depthsContinue reading “Wedding Planning on a Medical Student Budget”

What is “Pre-Med”?

You may have heard the term “pre-med” before…but if you are not planning on going into the medical field, you likely don’t know what it entails. Pre-med is short for pre-medical….aka before going to medical school. When a student is planning on becoming a doctor their undergraduate years are also referred to as the “pre-med”Continue reading “What is “Pre-Med”?”