Why I love network marketing in Medical School

Medical school is stressful. The classes are insanely difficult. The clinicals are extensive. The amount of time you have to dedicate to your education is INSANE compared to other professional programs. And it is EXPENSIVE.Not only is it expensive to attend school….but everything else in life is expensive too. And even though 99.9% of peopleContinue reading “Why I love network marketing in Medical School”

How I got started with Beachbody

Let me just start by saying…I WAS A BEACHBODY/MLM (multi-level marketing) HATER FOR YEARS!!!I mean YEARS.. I would get the random “salesy” messages on instagram or facebook claiming that a shake helped people lose weight….and that if i signed up right now i would qualify for yada yada….IT WAS ALL THE SAME. BUT–then i beganContinue reading “How I got started with Beachbody”

How these workouts changed the game.

Working out is something that I used to do to PUNISH myself. Seriously- my idea of working out was to burn off the calories i ate OR to punish myself for eating only junk OR to try and lose a ton of weight….before last summer I had such a negative mindset about fitness-it was HORRIBLE.Continue reading “How these workouts changed the game.”