Dealing with overwhelm

To say that M2 year is overwhelming is the biggest understatement of this year. Holy moly.  M2 year is a freaking beast—specifically M2 SPRING semester!!!!!! Studying for class….studying for boards….studying for our 2nd NBME shelf exam….planning a wedding (okay, not everyone gets married at the end of M2 year—but Josh & I are–so i’ve gotContinue reading “Dealing with overwhelm”

Healthy Eating Tips (that actually work)

Happy Wednesday loves!  Let’s talk FOOD and how to have a HEALTHY, BALANCED diet…especially when life gets cray- cray.  Eating healthy seems so simple….until you are STARVING and raiding the cabinets for junk food. Trust me, I get it. And my diet is FAR from perfect. But one thing I do know is that eatingContinue reading “Healthy Eating Tips (that actually work)”

How to have a productive day, @home.

The timing of this COVID-19 craziness was not convenient for anyone, but tbh i’m not sure there ever would have been a convenient time for the world to shut down… If you’re like me, you have found yourself stuck inside, stuck at home, with a CRAP TON of work to do. Maybe you have thisContinue reading “How to have a productive day, @home.”

Wedding Planning on a Medical Student Budget

Planning a Wedding on a Medical Student Budget. Medical school is expensive. Like, crazy expensive. And if you’re like Josh and I you will rely on financial aid to get you through these treacherous years of becoming a doctor. So when Josh and I got engaged last summer and began to dive into the depthsContinue reading “Wedding Planning on a Medical Student Budget”

Why I switched to natural deodorant

I was so clueless. I was so clueless about the chemicals that i was putting on my body every single day. So….when i started to do some research into what was actually in the products I used everyday i was shocked. BUT-the product that i was most stunned by was my deodorant. If you’re likeContinue reading “Why I switched to natural deodorant”