Dealing with overwhelm

To say that M2 year is overwhelming is the biggest understatement of this year. Holy moly.  M2 year is a freaking beast—specifically M2 SPRING semester!!!!!! Studying for class….studying for boards….studying for our 2nd NBME shelf exam….planning a wedding (okay, not everyone gets married at the end of M2 year—but Josh & I are–so i’ve gotContinue reading “Dealing with overwhelm”

Step 1 Prep (January schedule)

Hello and happy Sunday!  If you are in medical school (or planning to be) then you probably have heard of something called “Step1” before.  Step1 is the first of three board exams that students need to take in order to become a licensed physician in the US.  Typically medical students take Step1 at the endContinue reading “Step 1 Prep (January schedule)”

How to have a productive day, @home.

The timing of this COVID-19 craziness was not convenient for anyone, but tbh i’m not sure there ever would have been a convenient time for the world to shut down… If you’re like me, you have found yourself stuck inside, stuck at home, with a CRAP TON of work to do. Maybe you have thisContinue reading “How to have a productive day, @home.”

Lessons from Coronavirus

The term, “social-distancing”  was foreign to us all 3 weeks ago and NOW it is something that we all are forced to practice daily. No stores are open. No restaurants are open. No schools are open. No public buildings are open. No gatherings can occur. Everything is closed. Everyone must stay home. It is honestlyContinue reading “Lessons from Coronavirus”

How to make a relationship work… (when you both are in med school)

How to make a relationship work: (WHEN BOTH OF YOU ARE IN MEDICAL SCHOOL): In the tradition of the month of love. I wanted to share a little relationship advice. With both of us being full-time medical students, Josh and I have learned a LOT about what it takes to make a relationship work &Continue reading “How to make a relationship work… (when you both are in med school)”