Medical School

F the to-do list

Who else feels like a slave to their to-do list?  Waking up every morning and constantly grinding, working and hustling to get as many things done on that list as you can!? This is the reality of life for most people. And it was 100% my reality until 2 weeks ago when i finally said.Continue reading “F the to-do list”

Dealing with overwhelm

To say that M2 year is overwhelming is the biggest understatement of this year. Holy moly.  M2 year is a freaking beast—specifically M2 SPRING semester!!!!!! Studying for class….studying for boards….studying for our 2nd NBME shelf exam….planning a wedding (okay, not everyone gets married at the end of M2 year—but Josh & I are–so i’ve gotContinue reading “Dealing with overwhelm”

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